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Business Management

   The Sri.BHADUGAA SEVA TRUST an educational, Social Welfare, Health Care and Charitable Registered trust was started on 17th October 2007 with the Purpose and Object of General Public Utility by the Philanthropist Mrs.J.Logambal, Ex.MLA, W/o Mr.Jeyaraman(Late), Residing at No:1 Senbaga Nagar, No:1 Tolgate, Trichy-1.(Herein after called the founder of the Trust). The Trust is exclusively devoted to promoting human dignity advocating freedom and justice for all and improving quality of life among people.

The purpose of starting B. Sc., Degree Course in Nursing (Basic) is to train and develop professional nursing personnel with sound scientific background in order to render service effectively and efficiently and to meet the challenges in Nursing in Indian and international scenario.

The Objectives of the Trust are

i) To establish, maintain, run, develop, improve, extend, grant donations for, and to aid and assist in the establishment, maintenance, running, development, improvement and extension of Nursery Schools, Colleges, Medical, Paramedical.

ii) To establish, develop, construct and maintain homes for old aged, orphans, poor and destitute people and widows for the maintenance, medical aid without any restrictions as to caste, creed, community ect.,

iii) To give financial assistance to the needy and deserving persons and scholarships, giving stipends and by creating endowments for this purpose.

iv) To give financial assistance to the poor and needy deserving persons towards performing marriage and to feed poor and hungry people in the society.

v) To provide to the poor, medical aid and facilities, free of charge or on payment of moderate charges and to provide nutritious food to poor children and poor patients admitted in hospitals.

vi) To grant relief during natural calamities, such as famine earthquake, flood, fire pestilence and other occasion of calamities of similar nature and to give donations.

vii) To establish, to conduct Training Programs, Courses, Work Shops, Seminars, and publish Books, Materials, for developing self confidence, Motivational Skills, among the public at large.

viii) To establish, build, maintain and run and to aid in the establishment, building, maintenance and running of Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Community centers and Working Women Hostels SRI BHADUGAA SEVA TRUST.

ix) To establish, maintain, run, develop, improve, extend grant donations for, and to aid and assist in the establishment, maintenance, running, development, improvement and extension or Libraries, Reading room recreation centers and all facilities as are calculated to be of use in imparting education to the public in India

Legal Details

  • TNC - 158/NC/2007

  • OLD GO(MS) NO -399




  • Mrs.J.Logambal,
    Mrs.J.Logambal, Founder of the Trust.

  • Mr. J. Ilayarajan Jeyaraman,
    Chairman cum Director Indira College of Nursing