BREAKING NEWS :   The Indira College of Nursing is established to educate nurses who will be professionally competent, ethically sound individuals who will have the knowledge.


1 Nursing Foundations Laboratory This Lab is well equipped with 20 beds including fracture bed & fowler’s bed & 15 sets of all items needed for nursing procedure practice. It has well ventilated with adequate lighting & provides facilities for practice of 20 students at a time. It has got hand washing facilities both pedal and hand operated. There is a separate area for teaching isolation techniques.There is an adult Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Dummy also available for students to practice first aid in case of a cardiac arrest.
2 Anatomy & Physiology Lab There are three whole body mounted skeleton and plenty of loose bones to facilitate students learning. It is equipped with charts & models of all systems.
3 Nutrition Laboratory It has got LPG connections, hand washing facilities, storage facility for dry ration, refrigerator for storing perishables. Pressure cookers, Mixie to facilitate cooking demonstrations, dining area facilitate students to learn serving etiquette & how to make food presentation & serving in an attractive way.
4 Bio chemistry & Micro biology Laboratory The laboratory is a modernized, well planned and well equipped articles such as Sterilizer, Hot air oven, laminar airflow, centrifuge, Microscope, Autoclave, Haemoglobin meter, Spectrometer & Epidiascope.
5 Computer Laboratory Computer lab is spacious area & well equipped with 20 computers.
6 The Child Health Lab We have a well equipped child health Lab. The lab has got enough equipments to demonstrate procedures. There is Pediatric maniquin . There are play materials ,models and flash cards.There are pediatric cots and incubator model to demonstrate new born procedures. There is separate area earmarked for teaching neonatal assessment baby bath, growth and development and a play therapy area.
7 Obstertrical & Gynecological Laboratory The Lab has got delivery tables, manikins all essential instruments used in maternity.There are four delivery cots with all necessary accessories.
8 Mental Health Nursing Lab This lab is well equipped with necessary mental health nursing learning. There are intelligence tests,personality developmental tests and mental status examination could be learnt well with ease.
9 community health laboratory The community health nursing laboratory is well equipped and ideal for students topractise the procedures.


1 Library Facilities A good collection of books and journals of Indian and foreign origin are available in all subjects for students reference. CDs of latest technical, data are stocked. Surfing the net with high speed connectivity ON LINE is possible. The Librarians facilitate flexible timings and enable easy access.
2 Transport Facilities We have two 50+2 Seater Bus To take students for Clinical Training.
3 Hostel Facilities Our Hostel building is well ventilated with spacious room, safe for student accommodation. It is equipped with reading room ,recreation hall, visitors room, sick room, and hygienic Kitchen which will serve both vegetarian and non vegetarian food. Separate hostels for girls and boys are provided with good food and accommodation. Wardens maintain homely care and yet maintain the discipline. Recreational facilities such as Television and facilities for indoor games are provided.
4 Mess Facilities There is a very Good and Hygienically maintained Mess Just Next to the Hostel. There is Mineral RO Water Drinking Facility in the Hostel, Mess and College. Food , Both Vegetarian and Non Vegetarian Diet is provided for the students. planned through the food committee.